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Good Eatin’: Back to Borough Market

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Another Saturday meeting rolled around. I don’t mind to much though, I love the people that I work with and these meetings are my favourite part of the job. On the other plus side it means that I was able to take advantage of working in the Holborn. It means that I am only a 15 minute tube ride away from Borough Market.

Going into the market I told myself that I would be okay to spend £25. I then saw some listed ham for sale at £14 per 100g and, to be honest, it just felt too extreme for now. As I write this I regret it since, you know, I may never see it in the market again. Maybe next time? In any case, I managed to snag a lot of things.

Food items: Goat and Kohlrabi

Okay so this was a bit naughty. I had already eaten lunch, but I couldn’t say no to stand selling goat kofte wraps. Especially since they used kohlrabi, a vegetable that I have never had before. A shout out to the people at Gourmet Goat for a delicious wrap.

How was it? A lot like lamb to be honest. A strong lamb, but basically it’s lamb by another name. I didn’t go in expecting something to the contrary if I am being completely honest. It does mean, however, I would be more than happy to go for some goat if I am given the chance again. It went well with the fresh and slightly peppery kohlrabi.

Food item: Mara Des Bois Strawberry, Strawberries

No visit to Borough Market would be complete without a visit to Turnips. It can be a bit packed and require a bit of breathing in to make sure you can manoeuvre around properly. Today I managed to snag three rather interesting food items – the most interesting being the Mara De Bois strawberries.

I had given up hope of finding these as the only thing I could find whilst searching online were seeds. Fine… but I live in a top floor flat with no garden. Still, I was so incredibly pleased that I had to pick up the nearest punnet immediately.

When I got them home and cut off the stems I was just hit with this intense sweet strawberry smell. As I was eating them I was reminded of an episode of Red Dwarf  where they create the perfect strawberry using a triplicator. There was no need for sugar or cream, they were just perfect the way they were. If I could I would probably get some more next week.

Food items: Berliner Doughnut, Doughnut

Ah the Berliner Doughnut. I thought I would have to wait for a trip to Berlin to try one of these. The stall sold two versions –  custard and Nutella. I went for the custard as that felt like the more authentic option.

As doughnuts go it was light and it felt so much less oily than regular doughnuts you get in Britain. I am not the biggest fan of doughnuts anyway, but this was nice enough. Would have probably preferred getting a jam-filled one. But, hey it was nice enough.

Food item: Sorrento lemon

When I got home I became mildly obsessed with this lemon. I had always heard about Sicilian lemons being the big ones in the world of lemons, but never a Sorrento lemon. Turnips had a lot of these, some more nobbly than others. I picked this one for purely cosmetic reasons – because it still had the twig and leaf attached.

I could just smell the citrus through the skin, it smelt like mild limoncello. The lemon itself was sweet and lemony, but not too sour. It was a lemon that would be eaten zest and all as the zest itself was not bitter. I know that I should have probably candied the peel or done something more culinary than eat it out of hand or flavour my Pepsi Max with it. Maybe next time if Turnips have any.

Food item: Rose De Roscoff Onion

The last of the produce from Turnips. One with a rather interesting history when it comes to French stereotypes. The original Rose De Roscoff onion sellers are the reason that we have the stereotype of the Frenchman riding a bike wearing a beret, a black-and-white striped top and a string of onions.

Now, I am not one for eating onions raw. It’s one of those things I really don’t like in a sandwich or a salad. I could, however, deal with a raw Rose de Roscoff. I wouldn’t eat it like an apple, but I tried some raw and it was actually not too strong. It was fairly sweet in fact.

When these were fried I allowed them to caramelise a bit in some walnut oil and they were delicious. These onions were absolutely gorgeous when fried up. Naturally sweet and they went soft in the frying pan really quickly. Also, they did not cause any of the crying issues when being cut. It’s a pity they are £3+ a bag.

Food items: Picodon, Sunflower Seeds

My final piece of the haul was Picodon from Mons Cheesemongers. The bread was a honey and sunflower seed loaf from Morrisons so I am not counting it.

The picodon was harder than I expected, which means it is the aged version rather than the softer and younger version. This meant that the rind was more on the “spicy” side compared to a lot of other goat cheeses that I have had. It wasn’t the best goat’s cheese that I have had. I preferred the Selles-Sur-Cher cheese (also bought from Mons) since the flavour was a bit cleaner.

Progress: 580/933

Good Eatin’: A Trip To Borough Market

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

There is nothing like a trip to Borough Market. The smell of all the different cuisines coming together, the throngs of people, the vibrant colours of the fruit and vegetable stalls. It is the perfect place to find some of the more unusual items on the food list… but first a spot of breakfast.

Food: Sauerkraut

Nothing  is quite like the taste of a proper German frankfurter topped with mustard and sauerkraut. The sourness and slight sweetness of the pickled cabbage works well with the mild heat of the mustard. This particular sauerkraut also had the slight herby edge that comes from the use of juniper berries. However, the saltiness left me parched, luckily there are a number of juice stands nearby.

Food: Blood Orange

I had never tasted blood orange before but I have to say that it was different than I had expected. There is a strong citrus taste as you would expect from an orange but there was something else as well. It was not as sour as I had expected, in fact there was a note of berry-like sweetness. The internet likens it to a raspberry and I am inclined to agree with them since it did have the tartness.

After some food and drink I made a number of purchases which included two rather exotic and seasonal fruit: Rambutan and Mangosteen (which to me sound like characters from Hamlet).

Food: Rambutan

This is a fruit that is closely related to the lychee; something you can tell as you cut it open and the smell beneath the hairy shell hits you. Due to the distance this little fruit has had to travel to get to my chopping board here it’s little wonder that the outside has begun to dry out. The fruit itself tasted very much like a lychee but one this that I noticed was the taste of the seed; something of a bitter white chocolate. Very odd.

Food: Mangosteen

Known to some as the “Queen of Fruit” due to a, probably apocryphal, story of Queen Victoria offering £100 to someone who could bring her back an intact mangosteen this fruit is bloody expensive at £1.95 for something the size of a satsuma.  The taste was refreshing and, in my opinion, began having an undercurrent of banana and then the longer it was on your tongue that beginning taste was replaced with a sweeter one.

All in all, a successful trip to Borough Market.

Progress: 6/500