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Let’s Get Literal!

So, it’s has been an eventful day as of writing this. Whilst I already have completed this list item previous to my more recent run of unemployment but I am now able to check this off with a job at a company that I have always wanted to work at so…

List Item: Get a job
Progress: Completed

As you can expect I am feeling on top of the world as I write this post, but this is not what I am focussing on. Instead I am opening up the final two major cultural items on my bucket list (as it currently stands) since I am now a proud owner of a Kindle (thanks again mum!) So let’s start with the one that I am actually quite ashamed about being so low on:

List Item: Read 100 of the greatest works of fiction
Progress: 7/100

Much like with my quest to listen to acclaimed albums I have found a great site called The Greatest Books which collates a lot of best book lists and made a list of what is considered to be the greatest works of fiction. Since I tend to mostly read fantasy or humour books (Douglas Coupland being my favourite author) I have only read seven of the top 100… and only four of these were not books studied at school:

#6 Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
#32 Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
#44 Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
#67 Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
#75 Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh
#83 Hamlet by William Shakespeare
#92 A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

As you can tell I have a long way to go here… and I am left with some epically long tomes such as War and Peace and the entire Lord of the Rings to read for this list item. Still they are widely regarded for a reason. Which leads me to this one:

List Item: Read the complete works of Shakespeare
Progress: 5/37

As you would expect most of these so far were because of school but I chose to read Titus Andronicus for myself whilst at university for reasons I never really understood.  I am left with a lot of the big plays but you could probably guess two of these as they are common English class choices:

Anthony and Cleopatra – Tragedy
Hamlet – Tragedy
Much Ado About Nothing – Comedy
Romeo and Juliet – Tragedy
Titus Andronicus – Tragedy

I am therefore left with all 10 Histories, 8 Tragedies and 15 Comedies. Any suggestion for which Shakespeare I should tackle next? Please comment 🙂

Any suggestions?

Books-and-CDsSince I love cinema and have a critic that I admire above others (Roger Ebert, you are still greatly missed to this very day) I have a very certain idea about which films I will be hitting up when completing those items on this list.

However, alongside the realms of cinema I also have the target of 100 great works of fiction, 250 of the best albums and the 100 greatest computer games. I have done some research and found a good site for albums with Acclaimed Music (which is great because it updates every year or so) but can not easily find equivalent sites for books or games.

Please comment (or Facebook me if you have me) if you have any leads or suggestions of what I would need to cover to get a good spread for both games and books.