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Good Eatin’: I’m A No Good Clam Killer

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

 Food Item: Littleneck Clams

Yes that’s right, I am a clam killer. I did not know that this was the case when I bought them. Stupid of me, I know, but I figured that the clams would be dead. It was only after I washed them and scrubbed them that I realised this – because they began to move and blow bubbles.

I felt bad. Worse than when I cooked the whole fish. It’s hypocritical since all meat and fish is killed by someone else, so how is this different to the clams. Plus if I didn’t cook them then they would end up dying of starvation. So I managed to rationalise myself out of that.

I followed a recipe from Epicurious for these (found here), but instead of spring onions I just used regular onions. The clams themselves were tender, meaty with a slight taste of brine. They were delicious and I would definitely do this again.

 Food Item: Coquilles St Jacques Mornay

Right, so the clams did not make for a really filling dinner – that is why we also got some pre-made Coquilles St Jacques from Waitrose. They were brilliant to look at with tender scallops that paired perfectly with the cheese sauce and the mashed potatoes.

Food Items: Redcurrants and Bath Oliver

Redcurrants, cheddar cheese and Bath Oliver biscuits certainly make for an attractive looking plate. They all went well together too – unsurprising really when you consider how often fruit gets paired with cheese.

The redcurrants were certainly a lot sweeter than blackcurrants. They still had a tartness, which meant they went well with cheese, but this was not at all overwhelming. They don’t make for great fruit to eat out of hand, but in pairings and sauces I can see that they really come into their own.

The Bath Oliver biscuits  were, to be honest, fairly standard. I have had cheese and biscuits a lot in my life and these fell like pretty standard biscuits. Granted, they are a bit creamier than your standard cream cracker. Thing is, they cost quite a bit more than the other biscuits and the pay off isn’t that much greater.

Food Item: Nuoc Mam

Short post here. I only just realised what this was a name for and realising this helped me to notice that I am almost out of fish sauce. Thank you book.

Food Item: Kulfi

Okay, now how have I never had kulfi ice cream before. I remember back when I ate all those Indian sweets I remarked on the taste of sweetened condensed milk. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would translate over to their ice cream too! Delicious does not cover it. The fact that mango flavoured kulfi is still to come in the depths of this list makes me very happy indeed.

Progress: 635/933