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Good Eatin’: Food From Donald Russell

I’m free! Well mostly. I’m back at work and my wrists are nowhere near as bad as they were; more like a bruise than many shots of pain. Good grief it took long enough.

Thanks to a Swiss ex-pats forum topic on finding Swiss sausages in the UK (man I love the internet) I was turned onto the online food seller Donald Russell. Just a quick plug for them – I ordered the food and managed to have it delivered within two days.

Since it was my first order I even got a nifty 20% off voucher that’s good for the rest of the year. Looks like I have a decent chance to cross off roe deer in the next few months (or I might just buy more sausages).

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food booksIMG_3286Food item: St Gallen Bratwurst

Okay, so these are not names St Gallen Bratwurst on the website, but the Swiss forums assured me that these are the real deal. Plus, the ingredients label shows that they were made in Switzerland so I’m just going to go for it.

Compared to the other bratwurst on this list it definitely had a lighter taste (as in less spices). It was also a lighter colour when cooked, which made it look more like a weisswurst than a bratwurst.

It was definitely a delicious sausage to eat hot from the frying pan. I was so eager to eat them that I ended up permanently damaging the work surface with the bottom of my hot frying pan… oh well.

Food item: Arbroath Smokie

The other thing to come from Donald Russell, which was basically a kipper made using haddock rather than herring.

Off the bat I am going to say that I was not so keen on this one or the way that my kitchen smelt of smoked fish for the following few days.

It was fine, but the sheer number of small bones meant that whilst I could admire the smokey flavour and the flakey texture it was a lot of effort for not a lot of gain.

Food item: Pho

I love pho soup. True, I have never been to Vietnam so I am not sure how far I can go towards saying that I have had authentic pho soup. However, all pho soups that I have tried have three things in common:

1) They are delicious
2) They make me sick afterwards
3) I never learn

As if is wasn’t bad enough that I have had whatever crap has been going on in my wrists… I get hives the evening after eating this pho soup and the sides of spring and summer rolls. Usually it’s just an afternoon of ‘spring cleaning’ and I’m done. This time? It is almost a week later and my fingers and lips are still swelling periodically. Also I have not had a decent night’s sleep since that night.

Curse you and your deliciousness pho soup!!!

Progress: 877/933