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Acclaimed Albums – All Eyez on Me by 2Pac

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Title: All Eyez on Me
Artist: 2Pac
Year: 1996

It really is quite annoying that, once I remove the albums on the 1001 Before You Die list, so many of my remaining options for the 1990s involve rap. Since 2Pac is so highly regarded, I guess this is the chance for me to give his final living album a listen.

So, going into this, I had no idea that not only was All Eyez on Me a double album (a landmark for the genre) but that it would also be well over two hours long. Well, it was a bit shorter in the end as there were some songs that I just had to skip through as it was venturing too much into the posturing territory or because of some of the more genre-specific ways that women are referred to.

I guess that listening to All Eyez on Me was a slam right back down to Earth given all the rap albums I have been listening to that I’ve been able to find some joy in. Don’t think it helps that listening to some of the lyrics knowing he was done on a sexual assault charge really did colour my own experience. I guess if he was still around, there would be questions around him being a cancelled man?

So yes, over two hours later and I had generally a bad time with this album. I know he is meant to have been a massive influence on his genre and to many is an inspirational figure – but this really was music that I was glad to be over.