Two Weeks in Canada: Day 15 – Leaving Canada’s Never Easy

Final day blues are here. Not just because it means a return to the real world, but also because it means just a lot of time sat in airports, on planes and then trying to find out way home when the most direct route has engineering works.

Anyway, we still had a morning before needing to start on this ridiculously long journey – so we tried to make the most of it once the remaining cereal bar were eaten as a quick breakfast as we finished the remaining packing.

There was one thing left on our list of things to do whilst here: a trip on the ferry to the town of Levis on the opposite side of the river. Being very much the off-season, pretty much anything we would have wanted to do as a tourist is closed or has severely reduced opening hours. That’s fine though, we’re only here for a bit of a wander and to take in the view of Quebec City.

During our wander, we went up a long and winding red staircase because Levis, like a lot of Quebec City, is on the higher parts of the cliff face. There is a bit of a historical trail that you are able to follow, but we just went for two things on the map. First, the local Notre Dame church. Had this been a weekday we’d have been able to go inside, but alas it is Saturday and those doors were very much closed.

Still though, we mostly came here for the views. So a bit of a walk away we ended up at the Terrasse du Chevalier-de-Levis. Essentially, a park on a terrace with benches and lovely views across the river. I can only imagine what beautiful sunsets can be seen from this vantage point. I think the view we got on this sunny and cloudless morning were more than adequate though. Feels like a really good way to say goodbye to the city.

So, we headed back across the river and walked around the Petit Chevalier area for a bit before a spot of brunch made up for some Beavertails greatest hits. I have been wanting another avalanche for a while and this felt like the perfect time and perfect wear her to be sat outside with this.

And so the travels begin. We technically got to the Quebec City Airport a bit early, but that just meant time to make sure devices were properly charged and to get ourselves another greatest hit of the trip.

By some amazing act of joy, one of two open food places at the airport was an A&W. This looks like a lot of food, but the next time we’d potentially get a chance for some food would be 7 hours away and at ordering this, we weren’t confident we wouldn’t have to really rush for out connection. So, I actually got to eat an uncle burger at proper temperature (a well as a chicken buddy burger). Both of these just further cemented my opinion that A&W Canada may just be one the best fast food chains I’ve been to and will miss when I am back in the UK.

And this was even further cemented when we arrived in Toronto and tried to get dinner at the only food place left offering a full menu (ish… like most of their stuff turned out to be unavailable it’s just that I didn’t try to order it). For $10 more, we get less with poorer service, poorer quality and a bit of a sad food note to end on… but airport food shouldn’t count.

So that really is it for Canada. Weird finishing off this final post once I’ve stuck the our clothes in for a post-laundry wash. Really sad that this trip is over, but wow what a lot of memories and pictures I will always have from this Canadian adventure.


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