World Cooking – Equatorial Guinea

List Item: Cook something from every countryCountry: Equatorial Guinea
Progress: 118/193

Well, not only have I managed to save some of the bigger African food nations for another day – but also found a different sought of recipe for a country that I thought would be rather difficult to find. Again, it helps that I far from the first person to try a cooking challenge like this – so suddenly finding a recipe for Equatorial Guinea is easier than it wold have been when I first started the blog.

Previously for this challenge, I made food for neighbouring Gabon – which was a delicious mustard chicken recipe that I have still yet to try with pork. The food for Equatorial Guinea has some similarities because of the varied colonial history, but has a key difference around being a more coastal area with plenty of jungle. This means that coconut and plantain/banana can play more of a role in their food.

Given that there are a number of countries in Africa with Guinea in the name, it can be a bit of a challenge to make sure a recipe you have is for the right one. Thanks to this particular search, I now have an intriguing recipe for regular Guinea. For today, I have been able to find a really different kind of dish compared to those I have so far made for Africa – even if is more traditionally a breakfast.

Main: Akwadu

So Akwadu (recipe from 196 Flavors) is more normally made as a breakfast. You can make it with plantains or bananas, but after the trouble I had with plantains for Burundi, I decided to stick with the more humble banana. This means I didn’t get the cool photo of it being served roasted in its skin, but my sanity has to come first.

The bananas are roasted in orange and lemon juices and topped with brown sugar, coconut and honey. On their own, the akwadu definitely makes for a nice brunch – but I can just imagine how much better this would be as the topping of a waffle, crepe or a pancake. That would be absurdly delicious and the more alcohol minded people could use Cointreau as a replace for some of the orange juice to make it a mix between a crepe suzette and… something with bananas.

Even more joyful is how simple this is to make. It’s something that would could have helped a lot of people in lockdown who were getting sick and tired of making banana bread. Again I am thinking about how nice this would be on pancakes with some cream on top and really feel like I have to make this attempt at fusion cuisine at some point in the future.

Looking at the numbers on my spreadsheet, I guess the next area for me to look for recipes would be the Americas. However, I have company next time and need a sure-fire recipe – so I guess will need to be a bit more flexible. Not that the Americas haven’t given me brilliant food, but sometimes you just want some confidence in the kitchen.

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