Graphic Content – Achille Talon

List Item: Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
105/501Title: Achille Talon
Year: 1966-2001
Country: France/Belgium

Achille Talon is not a series that has had many editions translated into English. In fact, that number is still set at a single story which, presumably, didn’t sell enough to warrant further translation work. This is despite the children’s cartoon version of this series, known as Walter Melon in English, having been translated and aired in English speaking countries.

So, my thoughts on Achille Talon – a pun on Achille’s Tendon – has to be based purely on the story available to me where the protagonist travels to Central America(ish) as follows the object of his wooing on her trip to find a diamond mine that her uncle discovered 25 years earlier. 

It’s a pretty standard type of character really, this slightly bourgeois man with a distinguishing feature bumbles along and the foreign surroundings are weirdly racist. Like, I appreciate the joke in the native people of this area making the most out of their home to tourists as it puts the power in their hands – but it also isn’t exactly the most flattering. 

The rest of the edition was pretty blah and it makes me wonder if this was the best on offer or whether this is the story they thought had the best chance of connecting with an English-language audience. In either event, I am pretty glad this is the only Achille Talon I have to read – it’s not exactly riveting or particularly funny stuff.

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