Graphic Content – One Piece

List Item: Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
103/501Title: One Piece
Eiichiro Oda
Year: 1997-now
Country: Japan

Four years ago I tried my hand watching the anime adaptation of One Piece knowing that it was ridiculously long, ended up having a lot of filler arcs and needed a long time to get into. Obviously I didn’t stick with that, but I had hopes that with the manga things may be different. Well, it wasn’t.

The volumes of One Piece that I managed to get through covered less ground than than the anime that I ended up watching, but I ran into the same issues again which were more pronounced given that it was in the written form. Some of the arcs in the anime were way too long for the content that they were meant to be covering, so when these are stretched across multiple volumes it is just tiresome. Especially when, with this being a more comedic tone, the odds are never quite dire enough for there to be real suspense.

One thing I have to say I did like, and liked from the series, is the drawing style. It’s more pleasing in the early anime episodes as it is in full colour, less so in later when it looks like they are moving to a more shoestring budget. Overall though, the exaggeration in the character models are fun to see and make for some variation in the read – but I cannot see how, if I read this from the beginning not knowing where it would go, I would actually become a big follower of this story.

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