Acclaimed Albums – Weezer by Weezer

List item: Listen to the 1000 Most Acclaimed Albums
Progress: 334/1000
Title: Weezer
Artist: Weezer
Year: 1994

Okay, so Weezer are a bunch of album naming trolls as we all know – so this Weezer that appears in the Top 1000 specifically refers to their debut ‘Blue’ album. This is one of two Weezer albums to appear in the list, but as the other one is Pinkerton, so at least I know there won’t be any conflict in the title names as I go further into this project.

So, going into this album I knew next to nothing about Weezer other than the following: my mum likes their cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’ and this is definitely not Wheatus – who I regularly confused them with over the years and so feared an album that was just filled with variations of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. Writing these posts really have led me to realize how many weird assumptions I have about different bands, but this is probably one of the weirder ones.

In what seems like a mini-trend in some of the albums I have listened to, there are interesting albums that come out of geekier musicians making their attempt at a genre. It would take a long time for ‘geekiness’ to not be completely embarrassing, which is what makes Weezer wearing their geekiness on their sleeve in their debut so brilliant – the lines in ‘In The Garage’ referring to Dungeons & Dragons being incredibly endearing.

To put this in more of a context, Weezer came out in America when the surrounding rock landscape was still grunge and the moodier side of rock with Siamese Dream coming out the year before. Weezer brought a lighter side back to critically acclaimed guitar music, which may not have been cool but it is very well done. 

I guess it makes sense that an album like Weezer came out the same time as Mellow Gold where we began to have the rise of the outsider within rock music. Something that so many could actually relate to and just needed something like ‘Loser’ to sing along to.

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