What’s On TV – Africa

List Item:  Watch half of the 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die
Progress: 251/501
Title: Africa
Episodes Aired: 6
Year(s): 2013
Country: UK

These TV shows are a bit like buses. After a long period of nothing, there’s a lot of them being written up within a few weeks. Now I am half way through my goal to see half of the whole list – and I am glad that it was marked with a show like Africa rather than The Ed Sullivan ShowWhilst Ed Sullivan was a more influential show in the world of television, Africa is far more my kind of show. Just wish there were more of them on the list.

Africa is one of a group of shows on the list narrated by David Attenborough and produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. As the name would suggest, this is six episodes about the wildlife living in Africa. The first five each focus on a different ecological region in Africa such as the Kalahari and the Congo, the final on the conservation areas being made to protect the remaining African species and the many consequences of human encroachment from poaching to climate change.

Like any of the series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit, Africa is a fantastic series. The insight that is given into the behaviour of different animals, their future and how a series like this is shot is just what you have come to expect from a series like this. There is a feeling of hope at the end, which is refreshing but may also be a sign that this is 8 years old. I have yet to see his more recent series on climate change… but may hold off on that to just keep with the feeling.

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