XL Popcorn – Avengers: Infinity War

List Item: Watch all of the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”
Progress: 902/1009Title: Avengers: Infinity War
Director: Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo
Year: 2018
Country: USA

So here we are with the first of many 2010s films that I am now able to see thanks to freezing the 1001 list… and because it was it was my husband’s film pick we ended up starting this street with an Avengers film. To be completely fair, his premise was that since we also have to see Avengers: Endgame, it just made sense to knock the first of the pair out as soon as possible – especially as the next film is over three hours long.

As someone who likes comics and grew up loving the X-Men, the Marvel Cinematic Universe should have been a good fit for me. However, I have never really found the appeal of getting invested in such a large film franchise. Like, I haven’t seen a Marvel film since Black Panther as that didn’t exactly convince me that I was missing much. Having sat through Infinity War this afternoon – nothing has changed on that account.

I think that having a Marvel film on the 1001 list makes complete sense because it is such a cultural phenomenon of the last decade or so. Like if you are going to compile a list of films to understand where we are today, you need to include it. Since Infinity War and Endgame were shot together, it makes sense that there are the inclusions – plus they include all the characters that have helped to build this mega franchise full of memeable moments.

However, this also leads to the issue I really had with Infinity War and I suspect will be exactly the same with Endgame – too many cooks. Well, too many characters and tones anyway. With such a large ensemble to make sure all get airtime (even though the likes of Hawkeye and Antman were elsewhere) everything just becomes a bit disjointed as everyone has to get their bit of airtime. It also makes for this incredible clash of tones that each character has from their own films. Take Thor when he meets with the Guardians of the Galaxy – I just cringed and if it wasn’t for this blog I would have probably stopped the film.

I was wondering if my disconnect with this film may be partially due to jumping into the franchise partway through and not quite getting where all the chess pieces sit. Then again, I got so much of it via cultural osmosis and knowing the relevant comic stories (like the civil war) that it didn’t matter. I just think there is something about these films that just doesn’t work – like I didn’t even find the jokes that funny. Probably also doesn’t help that I know that everything in this film just gets reversed in the next one with some notable exceptions. Still though, it’s nice to do something a bit different for the 1001 list.

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