Acclaimed Albums – Power, Corruption & Lies by New Order

List item: Listen to the 1000 Most Acclaimed Albums
Progress: 318/1000
Title: Power, Corruption & Lies
Artist: New Order
Year: 1983

From the beginning bassline of ‘Age of Consent’ I had a thought in my head – this music sounds quite a bit like Monaco’s great song ‘What Do You Want From Me?’. By the time I finished up my first listen of the album, including a bonus track of ‘Blue Monday’ because… well why do you need a reason, I decided to look it up. Well, of course there’s a similar sound – Peter Hook, the bassist in New Order, founded Monaco. So I guess I am a little bit chuffed at hearing that – although it’s not like he was exactly hiding it.

Thanks to opening up the list, I have been listening to a lot of eighties music – to the point where I really get why this is a decade where a lot of pop music continues to borrow from. Especially the sounds of the early 1980s. If I had been a teen in the early 1980s, I would have so been a fan of New Order and other pop bands of the time. This music is brilliant and I cannot believe it has taken until I turned 31 before I actually listened to one of their albums all the way through.

I called it when I did my post for Closerthat I would be super interested to see what New Order did when they had to start off with a new brand following the death of Ian Curtis and the end of Joy Division. Power, Corruption & Lies still keeps some of the darker elements of their Joy Division roots, but also there’s a brilliant pop record here. You can hear it as ‘5 8 6’ breaks into it’s synthesiser mid-section – that foreshadows ‘Blue Monday’ to a heavy extent.

This is pop via the worlds of post-punk, new wave and Kraftwerk. It’s an extraordinary album that makes you want to dance no matter what you are doing. Like I can hear how this would eventually be the next step between Kraftwerk’s music and will eventually lead to LCD Soundsystem. Man, I wish I was young in the 1980s to have grown up with music like this.

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