What’s On TV – Midsomer Murders

List Item:  Watch half of the 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die
Progress: 246/501
Title: Midsomer Murders
Episodes Aired: 126+
Year(s): 1997-now
Country: UK

There is something to be said for a good cozy British murder drama. Especially when you are wrapped in a blanket because it is freezing cold outside and you want to not focus too much on something. This is what Midsomer Murders means to me and why I will be keeping this show on for the time being.

Given that an episode is 100 minutes long, I didn’t exactly watch a massive chunk of these before consisdering myself far enough in to cross it off for the sake of the blog. I pretty much stayed in the original era, figuring it would be good to see the episodes where they first adapt from the books that the series is based on and then seeing them venture into original content.

Honestly, I prefer the original content. Firstly, because they don’t all feature an LGBT character acting in a negative way – something that really began to leave a bad taste in my mouth during the first season. Also, the original content helped to properly flesh out the recurring characters and even begin to show some self-awareness at just how murderous this area of England is.

Seriously though, it is some sort of running joke that this rural county of Midsomer has the same murder rate as some of the most dangerous areas of America. Not that it’s all death by shooting… there was one episode where victims were burned alive, decapitated by an antique sword and even shot in the back with an arrow. Can’t say this is an area of the world I would want to live in, but at least it would be entertaining.

I know that, in it’s 20+ years there have been a lot of cast changes to the point where, like Silent Witnessit is probably a different show now compared to where it was in 1997. I’ll get to these later series eventually, but given their extreme length it may take me a good few years before I get anywhere close to up-to-date. Hopefully they’ll stay just as cozy.

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