Acclaimed Albums – This is Happening by LCD Soundsystem

So, over Christmas 2020 the COVID-19 entered my household. These posts are those that had to be written up later because being at the computer for more than 15 minutes made me feel beyond tired. I can cook, but I can’t type – it’s very strange. Still, these posts were done well after the fact so apologies in advance.

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 244/250Title: This is Happening
Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Year: 2010
Position: #245

You ever tried to take down Christmas decorations when you have ridiculous levels of fatigue. Well, do not do what I did first time around and try some discordant organ music. Not only does it make taking the decorations down that much more depressing, but the repressiveness of the piece can make you want to curl up into a ball. So, a few tracks into that, I turned it off for when I felt better and grabbed This is Happening.

LCD Soundsystem is one of those weird casualties of this list. After American Dream I should have just dove into the back catalogue and gotten into them properly – but because of this blog list and the need to write up and my weird yearning to remain within percentage parameters I have had this slow burn. It’s a good thing in a way as it has allowed American Dream, Sound of Silver and now This is Happening have been separated by a lot of other music and I am able to properly separate them out.

Of the three albums, This is Happening is easily the most immediate. This may be because my own expectations of what makes an LCD Soundsystem album has properly aligned so I am able to go into it properly – but this feels like the almost poppy cousin to Sound of Silver. 

The albums are clearly related, but where Sound of Silver was carving out its own path This is Happening feels more settled into the groove and willing to have fun on its own terms without having to prove itself. Also, I do get some fun Junior Senior vibes from this album  – especially in the call and responses in ‘Pow Pow’  and in ‘Drunk Girls’. ‘I Can Change’ is also one of those tracks that immediately jumped out to me and made for an obvious single.

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