Acclaimed Albums – Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 237/250Title: Fleet Foxes
Artist: Fleet Foxes
Year: 2008
Position: #249

Like with Live Through Thisthe most recent update of the album list in November 2020, the debut album by Fleet Foxes is one that I have heard a few times and already know that I enjoy. It’s one of those albums that I came to about two years late, after some of the people I wrote stuff with for one of my university papers recommended it to me. They knew my taste and found it weird that I had never heard this before.

This album fits right in my folk and chamber pop sweet spot and is like a good balance of Bon Iver and Beach Boys –  or like a gentler more folk-orientated Animal Collective. It’s also weird to know that this group would later spin off Father John Misty, whose title track to his second album would become the first dance at my wedding.

For a debut, Fleet Foxes feels like the comfortable work of a group that have been making music for years and have been able to produce their magnum opus. Listening to this on a cold day in December whilst wrapped in a duvet and reading comics really feels like the perfect place for this album. It’s one of those where as an album it helps you get all warm and cosy within the layers of production.

The sad thing is that, for an album that is right up my street, I never really grew into it the way I probably should have because I first started listening to it before a bunch of the depression stuff hit 10 years ago and I pretty much lost my music listening for a few years as I got backed into the corner of becoming a teacher so that I would at least start getting some form of paycheck.

So, listening to it again after nearly a decade was actually a really nice chance to be able to remember some parts of my university life that I really adored. Simpler times before joblessness and other awful parts of leaving uni in the wake of the global recession hit me. Still though, it’s nice I got this chance again.

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