Acclaimed Albums – Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 231/250Title: Let’s Get It On
Artist: Marvin Gaye
Year: 1973
Position: #215

There are two very different Marvin Gaye albums in the Top 250 list. The higher one, What’s Going Onis more politically aware and is one that I did a very long time ago. This second one, Let’s Get it On, has a similarly constructed title but it basically sexual vinyl.

From the very recognisable opening moments of the title track, which I swear I have seen in many a sensual movie scene and in some adverts, to the suggestive track titles – this has been labelled as one of the most sexually charged albums ever produced. This all so true, but it’s also an incredibly interesting listen as a progression in his sound towards a smoother soul and funk sound – something that, thanks to the 1001 songs list, I can see just how influential this album was.

I didn’t listen to this for a while because I listen to a lot of these albums when I am at work (or, in the old days, on the commute to and from work) and I didn’t exactly want to feel sensual in the office or in the home office. Glad to say that this didn’t happen, but I definitely misjudged this album as being just a single bag of tricks. Sure, it’s sexual but it is also really well done and Gaye’s voice is absolutely gorgeous.

With my lead now properly built back up and my mental health improving immensely I am, as of this week, trying to get back to five posts in a week. It’s a bit daunting to move back to such a posting so often. I mean I haven’t done a songs, video game or a book post for months by now, but thankfully the music, movie and world country posts have been filling in some gaps.

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