World Cooking – Uganda

List Item: Cook something from every countryCountry: Uganda
Progress: 82/193

I love the Ugandan flag. Sure, the stripes are a little bit busy but how many national flags are there with such a majestic bird on it. I’ll save you the time, none. There are none with such a majestic bird. The only way I can see that happening is if we suddenly get part of Japan breaking away and they use a white egret as their symbol.

Whilst I was doing my research for what to make for Uganda, I had a sudden brain wave. You see, for many nations left on my list in most areas, there is a lot of sharing of national dishes. For Uganda’s immediate vicinity, the main foods that come up are those I have done for other countries (such as ugali and groundnut stew) or some that I wanted to keep in my pocket for more relevant countries (like samosa). Also, there’s ingredients that I just can’t acquire, for good or for ill.

So I thought it would be cool to go down the street food route for Uganda and something particular to Uganda immediately came up. This might be one of the easier things I have made, but nothing in the challenge said that every nation needed to be a feast that took me all day to cobble together.

Main: Rolex

With a name like Rolex you would expect something rather decedent. Then you find out that this dish is a corruption of the English words ‘rolled eggs’ – which makes a lot of sense when you say it out loud. It’s a pretty descriptive name too, considering that this is a dish made by rolling up an omelette in a chapatti.

This variation of the recipe (that I found on Cookpad) feels a lot like making a Mexican omelette before you wrap it up in the chapatti. It’s pretty filling for something that only takes about 10 minutes to make from beginning to end. Made all the better with some spicy mayonnaise or some chilli sauce.

I think that’s a mission accomplished on the ‘make street food’ angle – so this may be something I end up trying to include in some of my more immediate searches for the nations that I have trouble with. Next time for the world cooking, I will finish what I started with Canada by cooking for the holidays we had to cancel. Time for some Maltese cuisine.

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