What’s On TV – Black Mirror

List Item:  Watch half of the 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die
Progress: 235/501
Title: Black Mirror
Episodes Aired: 23+
Year(s): 2011-now
Country: UK

It has taken nearly a year to watch my way through all of Black Mirror – including the choose your own adventure-movie Bandersnatch – and now I realise how difficult it is going to be to actually write this up. The closest thing to this on the 1001 list, that I have seen so far, is Beckett On Film and that doesn’t quite feel like an adequate comparison. Aside from some vague in world continuity, each episode of Black Mirror is a standalone miniature movie with some of the variation in quality that comes with that.

On the whole there is a sort of link of theme between all episodes – which is a vaguely dystopian look at the intersection between the world and technology, and how we may grow to interact with it. Some episodes are more hopeful in tone whereas other are so incredibly draining. Given that each episode was a tonal grab bag, and how I hate spoilers, every time I started an episode I had to mentally prepare – which is why it took so long to complete.

As a capsule of our times, and as it has found a way to preempt a number of technologies and start some really interesting wider discussions, Black Mirror is almost the ultimate in zeitgeist. It is also great to see if you are someone who enjoyed watching Dead Set many years ago, which now almost feels like an extended pilot – albeit a horror based one.

Since I am anti-spoiler, I don’t particularly want to go into specific episodes, but instead think I’ll end this with a ranking of the 23 that I have seen.

  1. San Junipero
  2. USS Callister
  3. Be Right Back
  4. White Christmas
  5. Hated in the Nation
  6. Nosedive
  7. Bandersnatch
  8. Hang the DJ
  9. The Entire History of You
  10. The National Anthem
  11. 15 Million Merits
  12. White Bear
  13. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
  14. Playtest
  15. Arkangel
  16. Shut Up and Dance
  17. Smithereens
  18. Metal Head
  19. Black Museum
  20. The Waldo Moment
  21. Crocodile
  22. Striking Vipers
  23. Men Against Fire

As of the moment I have no 1001 shows on the go as I have convinced the hub to watch Nichijou – so it may be a while before another TV post. Guess it’ll all depend on what the random grab reveals once we’re up to date with more shows.

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