Graphic Content – Sailor Moon

List Item:  Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
83/501Title: Sailor Moon
Naoko Takeuchi
Year: 1991-1997
Country: Japan

As I was growing up, Sailor Moon was a key series in starting off my love for anime. Where, to me, Pokemon was just another Saturday morning cartoon, Sailor Moon was the first series where I knew it to be something ‘other’. Fox Kids called it Japanimation at the time and it wasn’t until a few years later, once I had also grown to love Cardcaptor Sakura, that I knew is was more properly known as anime.

Now here I am finally reading the manga and… I have to say that I prefer the the anime. The Japanese version of the anime, not the English dub that figured the solution to lesbians was to have them be cousins who were a bit close.

For the uninitiated, Sailor Moon tells the story of five guardians of justice who defend the earth against alien and extra-dimensional forces. The focus of the manga is more on the relationships than the battles, to the point where the titular character never really feels in danger. One issue with the manga over the original adaptation, however, is how the characters who are no the titular character don’t get anywhere near enough development.

I know that an anime that has to play for time as the source material is written can bring forth character development with filler episodes, but that’s what this manga really needed for me to be better able to enjoy it. So much of the focus was to bring in the initial large cast of characters together that the likes of Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus get themselves lost in the shuffle despite ostensibly being more interesting than the central figure.

I’m biased, I guess, as I grew up loving Sailor Mercury and the Outer Scouts over Sailor Moon. I did enjoy reliving this through the original lens as well, but I think that if I want my Sailor Moon fix, I’m going to go back to the anime.

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