World Cooking – Kuwait

List Item: Cook something from every countryCountry: Kuwait
Progress: 77/193

If in doubt and I need to hit up a region for the sake of the world cooking list, I like to go for the smaller nation. It worked out well last time with Moldova, so the hope was that it would work again with Kuwait. Iran would have been fun to do as I have a bread recipe I’ve been meaning to try out, but that needs to wait until people have calmed down and stopped buying up all the flour.

Being a small nation in an area with a strong regional cuisine, the food in Kuwait bears the same hallmarks as its neighbours. So a number of dishes that I was looking to cook because of their popularity in Kuwait, like machboos, would have been fine if it would probably not be better served for another nation (in the case of machboos – Saudi Arabia).

Still though, there are enough things to make that it’s not as if I was robbed for choice here. It’s just that I wanted to make something that, at least according to the recipe or its accompanying blurb, had a Kuwaiti feel to it. This is what led me to cook today’s recipe, which is the first Middle Eastern recipe I have tackled for nearly six months.

Main: Fried Fish with Rice

I know what it looks like, another fried fish recipe. You would be right, but it is entirely different flavour thanks to spices like black lime and the accompanying tomato sauce (which the recipe assures me is Kuwaiti style).

One obvious difference between the recipe (available here at is the type of fish. The recipe indicates that I use a whole silver pomfret per person, which I would have liked to do if I knew where I could get hold of some of these fish given the current government advice (it’s March right now). In the end, I went with basa as that was the best alternative available at the time.

I swear that with the poaching, marinading, the frying and the baking this recipe has the most different cooking methods I have used for fish in quick succession. It did lead to a well flavoured bit of fish, with a good texture – but wow that was a lot of kerfuffle. Went well with the rice though, which was cooked in the fish poaching liquid before having spiced fried onions mixed in.

Given all the panic buying going on around coronavirus (please let us be through the worst of this by the time this post goes up) I won’t be doing anything on the world cooking challenge for a while. It’s difficult enough to find food in the supermarket for regular eating let alone tracking down specific things for specific countries. I guess it’s a good thing I started on a reduced posting schedule when I did.

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