Acclaimed Albums – Rage Against The Machine by Rage Against The Machine

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 222/250Title: Rage Against The Machine
Artist: Rage Against The Machine
Year: 1992
Position: #177

14 year old me would have taken one listen to the opening of this album, proceeded to switch it off and then turn on some Natasha Bedingfield. Honestly, I half expected that to be my reaction today. For Rage Against The Machine’s debut album I was expecting some god awful noise that would give me a headache. Why? Because it comes under the metal genre and I still have that anti-metal bias.

Thing is, 16 years have passed and I no longer listen to Natasha Bedingfield. Where I was expecting noise and discordance I found a ridiculously good amount of melody. Then again, this is one of the highest placed albums on the acclaimed albums list and I have a lot of the harder rock albums left on this list, so I might invariably end up finding something that is a bit too much. That hasn’t happened yet and I am pleased with that.

Okay, just liking this album isn’t going to turn me into a metal convert. Similarly this isn’t going to help me onto the way to being a proper rap convert, given that a fair few of the tracks can be classified as rap metal. And yet there you have the likes of ‘Killing in the Name’, ‘Wake Up’ and, my top track, ‘Know Your Enemy’. That top track alone shames my preconception that I would end up switching this album off after the first track.then again, this is why it’s important to keep trying new music, you never know where your limitations really are until you reach them.

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