Graphic Content – Tekkonkinkreet

List Item:  Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
82/501Title: Tekkonkinkreet
Taiyō Matsumoto
Year: 1994
Country: Japan

The Air Pirates was such a short comic, thanks to the legal troubles, so it made sense to pick out another one after I finished reading the manga of Erased. Lo and behold it is another manga where I have seen the adaptation – albeit that I saw the Tekkonkinkreet many years ago when I was back in university.

Tekkonkinkreet is an interesting one as it really does not conform to what you expect of a manga, especially the manga that I have read in the early 1990s. It’s incredibly violent, which isn’t out of the ordinary for a manga, but the way that it is done is more inline with a Western comic like Watchman whilst still keeping the frenetic Japanese movements.

The style of the art is very much influenced by France and America, especially the facial designs of Black and White themselves. Did their very similar deism gas make it difficult to tell them apart at time Since? Yes, it did, but I still don’t think I have quite seen such extreme looking character designs for boys in other manga – but am very prepared to be proven wrong.

The three volumes tell the story of two inseparable feral street children – Black and White – who are the perpetrators and targets of some pretty extreme violence. Much like the yin and yang that their names are meant to evoke, these two are complete compliments or the other – both going slightly mad when separation is enforced.

It’s an overall interesting, if slightly confused, read,that really made me look back in the film with a fondness. The issue with it being a manga rather than Western comic is that I really missed colour. The world of Tekkonkinkreet is one that screams for the use of vibrant palates. Like, I’ve never missed colour in a manga before now and this one what’re colour really could have added to the world building. Oh well, this is why they made a film after all.

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