World Cooking – Solomon Islands

List Item: Cook something from every countryCountry: Solomon Islands
Progress: 72/193

The macadamia pie recipe for the Marshall Islands will have to wait for another time (maybe when I’ve won the lottery) as I have instead chosen the Solomon Islands. Like many countries, the only reason I know about here is because of a fascination with maps and Olympics opening ceremonies. If you had asked me two days ago to find this nation on a map, however, I would have missed it by quite a way. Want to find it? Locate Australia and just go north-east, you won’t miss them.

The traditional cuisine of the Solomon Islands is of the same sort of the same group as Vanuatu, meaning that I could have taken the chance to make more putting a in banana leaves. I could have even made poi… if only I could have found taro roots in London to make it. Maybe I’ll find some eventually. But since I went traditional previously in this neck of the woods, I wondered what it would be cool to see what modern cuisine would be like. Due to occupations by the Spanish and the British, as well as immigration from Asia, we see their imprints on modern dishes, like the one I made today.

Main: Chili Taiyo

Is this actually made by Solomon Islanders? Honestly, I’m not 100% convinced, but I found this idea on a blog of a woman working in the Solomon Islands and seen the fun fact that this nation is a major exporter of tuna. Honestly, that was enough for me. At least the recipe (from here with further adaptations from here) came from a localish source, right?

Also, this tasted really good. Cooking the tuna until crispy is a class move that I had never thought about doing for, what is essentially, a Solomon Islands-Asian fusion dish. This was such a simple thing to make, probably one of the easiest things I have made for this list – and now that I have extra tins of tuna in the cupboard, I’m probably going to be whipping this out whenever I need a quick and cheap dinner to make. In the end, it’s a spiced tuna noodle dish with lime. There is nothing wrong here.

Now, according to the numbers I need to do Asia next. However, I have already been asked to make that meal for more than just myself and the husband, so another country will need to go first. Maybe I’ll find something cool from Africa, it’s always good to get ahead there.

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