Level One – Super Mario Odyssey

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 80/100Title: Super Mario Odyssey
Developer:Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Original Platform: Nintendo Switch
Year: 2017

Thanks to the large number of decade best of lists Released at the end of 2019, there has been some interesting movements happening in PlayThatGame. Ultimately, three games I’ve played fell out and have been replaced with two games I have yet to play and Super Mario Odyssey. 

Now, I finished off Super Mario Odyssey a few years ago and, since I did the same when Overwatch entered, I figured that it was only fair I made a post about it. After all, this is a game that was a total joy to complete… and I haven’t played a list game for months thanks to my Sunday’s being taken up by a mixture of cooking food countries and making my way through back episodes of Infinite Challenge.

I know there is a recency effect here but, personally, I think Super Mario Odyssey might be my second favourite Mario platformer after the first Super Mario Galaxy. There were times where I thought Odyssey might just be able to tip the scales, but the story of Rosalina in Galaxy gave such an emotional core to the game that I never found in any other Mario game.

In terms of most of the gameplay, there isn’t much to say here that hasn’t been said in my write-ups of Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Mario 64. The big thing here is Mario has gone semi-open world with the more traditional platforming levels being strewn about larger areas. It has that similarity with Super Mario Sunshine, except that the gimmick of the hat and the variety in the settings makes Odyssey a whole lot better.

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