Acclaimed Albums – Sound of Silver by LCD Soundsystem

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 215/250Title: Sound of Silver
Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Year: 2007
Position: #115

It feels a bit weird to listen to two albums in the 2000s for this list, and technically I probably shouldn’t, but I am so glad I did. In 2007, I had just started university and was still well into my phase that men couldn’t make music as good as women. I had so many people recommend me Sound of Silver who both knew that it would suit my taste and by owe who just liked music. But I’m stubborn, so here I am in 2020 and now I have finally gotten around to it.

I love it.

The more I’ve listened to their 2017 album American Dream the more I’ve grown to love it and the more I’ve thought of trying the older material. This week I just figured sod me being ahead on the 2000s for this list and have been rewarded with this exquisite hour long piece of alternative adult dance music. I’ve not been able to put it down in the last few days and just keep playing it from beginning to end.

I love that so many of these tracks carry such an emotional heft to them whilst also bringing together minimalism and krautrock that I’ve heard from Neu!, Arcade Fire And Kraftwerk with more grungy electronica that immediately makes me think of Peaches. Tracks can feel raw and honest, whilst others challenge you to not dance in your bedroom. It’s strange how tracks like ‘All My Friends’ and ‘Watch the Tapes’ can be so sonically different, but they work together as part of this adult dance rock whole.

I’ve only listened to Sound of Silver and American Dream by LCD Soundsystem and have found them both to be exceptional albums. More albums of theirs will await me once this slot opens up and I really cannot wait. As in, I’ll probably listen to them soon and end up writing retroactive reviews in 35 albums time.

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