XL Popcorn – Entranced Earth

List Item: Watch all of the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”
Progress: 774/1007Title: Terra em Transe (Entranced Earth)
Director: Glauber Rocha
Year: 1967
Country: Brazil

It’s been about two months since I saw the other Glauber Rocha film on the 1001 list (Black God, White Devil) where I wasn’t exactly wowed by the repetitive story telling and the production values, or lack thereof. For me, the uneducated in film person I am, Entranced Earth feels like a step forward for him. I mean, it won multiple awards at different festivals and, for the most part, kept my interest.

As with the other film of his that I have seen, pretty much all of Entranced Earth is imbued with a really frenetic energy that only takes a moment every now and then to breath. Considering that this film is telling the story of a fictional Latin American country (representing the recent history of Brazil) and the political tumult and backstabbings within said country – the energy can make things feel more complex because of all the confusion that Rocha has added. I’m sure that’s on purpose and is, therefore, well done, but it got a bit much at times.

Because of the generated confusion, Entranced Earth isn’t always the easiest film to follow and so at times I did begin to lose interest. However, whilst this film did not always grab me, there is no denying the power of the film’s message or in some of the scenes themselves. The penultimate scene is especially poignant as the eventual victor of all the political upheaval claims victory and is essentially crowned with a insane look on his face as the main character ends up being shot to death.

Given the history of Brazilian politics at the time, Entranced Earth was a very brave film to make and try to release. Hell, watching it now you can see a lot of parallels in the politics of various nations around the world at this moment. I just wish that I got on better with Rocha’s style and was better able to enjoy this.


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