📽️ Disney Time – Chicken Little

List Item:  Watch The Disney Animated Canon
Progress: 46/58Title: Chicken Little
Year: 2005

Just when I thought that I had seen the depths to which this era between the Disney Revival and Renaissance sank, here comes Chicken Little. Commercially, this was a massive success with the opening weekend matching The Lion King and with it being their first film to top the box office since Dinosaur. In a way you could say that this film helped to make a business case for putting more effort back into their animated offerings, but that might be giving this a bit too much credit.

Chicken Little is one of those films that I can probably use as an example of what happens of when you make a film for the sake of it, rather than one with any sort of story to tell. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what you would write on the back of the DVD box for this one. The story is so gossamer thin and inconsequential that they manage to fit in a full baseball and alien invasion plot and I’d argue that neither of them are even that necessary. Especially the alien invasion, which just fizzles out.

I would love to find something positive in this film, but honestly I’m not sure what there is. The animation is worse than an episode of Paw Patrol to the point where the protagonist’s father looks somewhat freaky, the central character is fundamentally unlike and then there’s the continued reliance on pop culture references that would completely fly over the head of any child watching it in 2005 and elicit groans from any adults watching it. Seriously, I wish I could have just switched this off.

One more film, just one more and it’s time for the current period of the Disney Revival to begin. Next on the list, Meet The Robinsons, is my final new film for this list outside of Frozen 2 which, at the time of writing, has yet to be released. Will my next film be an undiscovered interest like Atlantis or a complete downer like Chicken Little. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “📽️ Disney Time – Chicken Little

  1. Congratulations! You’ve suffered through Disney’s worst-released film. As a word of affirmation, it can only go up from here

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