Acclaimed Albums – New York Dolls by New York Dolls

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 203/250Title: New York Dolls
Artist: New York Dolls
Year: 1973
Position: #167

I was going to listen to Joy Division today, but since it’s the bank holiday and I’m likely to be getting further into the songs list, I felt the necessary guilt required to listen to one of the oldest albums left on this list. Now that I am in 1977 for the songs list, where punk music has exploded and is already being spun off into its various future su genres. So, it’s a bit of an interesting throwback to be listening I to some proto-punk on the debut album of New York Dolls.

This album was released at the time where punk was still developing and, at least in this instance, was still working out how it was going to be its own thing outside of the more dominant areas of glam rock and hard rock. New York Dolls definitely lean towards the former, as you can probably tell from their drag-inspired outfits. Strange to thing that, in 1973, these outfits were done to shock, but if a hard rock act did this now it would probably just result in eye rolls, some laughter and the drummer being beaten up by some nutters on the street.

As an album, New York Dolls is a good example of the path to punk rock. Sadly though, it just didn’t excite me as an album. ‘Personality Crisis’ is a good opener, but I’ve heard everything else in this album done by other artists and done better. Also, and I say this knowing that this is a highly regarded and trailblazing album I swear that a lot of these songs sound the same. Outside of the opening song, I’m not entirely sure if I could tell you (three listens later) which of the other songs are which. Maybe ‘Jet Boy’ but that’s more because I’ve heard the song outside the album.

Next time, I will definitely listen to something outside the seventies. Not sure what yet, but I just want something a bit more modern to act as a palate cleanser.

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