Good Eatin’ – Kala Namak

List Item: Try as many of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die as possibleFood item: Kala Namak
Progress: 783/1001

Holy crap, years ago I made posts about how the food list was slowing down and that was because I was only doing a food item every week or so. How silly that feels now given that it has been well over two months since I made my last 1001 food post and I spent a ridiculous amount on asparagus. In comparison this jar of sulphurous black salt was a steal.

This is one of those entries on the food list that, whilst completely new to me, appears to be well known to a bunch of other people I know. More than that, they each had different ideas of what I could do with it. I had a recommendation on using it for some Indian food (which I might end up doing at some point down the line) and another to use it to make some vegan dishes as part of an egg replacement.

Given that I really am missing egg mayonnaise sandwiches, and that the world food challenge has a long time to go, I figured why not make something I really want to. Or at least an approximation of it.

Right, so I could have cut the tofu into smaller chunks and I could have been a bit more generous with the turmeric in order to give it the proper colouring. Other than that, I was shocked just how much the ‘egg mayonnaise dressing’ reminding me of egg. Part of that will have been the savouriness of the nutritional yeast, but the biggest contributor was the sulphurous punch of the kala namak.

On its own, the kala namak really is… well not something I want to put solo into my mouth again. However, I am really excited to find ways to give myself the illusion of egg dishes whilst also making something that my egg-hating husband is okay eating. Kala namak might end up being a very important food discovery.


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