🎻♫♪ – Magnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach

List Item: Listen to half of the 1001 Classical Works You Must Hear Before You Die
70/501Title: Magnificat
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Nationality: German

Right, so I know that my typical method is to try and start with the first piece by a particular composer or with a piece I’ve heard from an anime or another source. Today’s post strays from that a bit as this is the first Bach piece that I am crossing off for the classical list and my husband picked it because it has a runtime of about half an hour.

As with many piece from the earlier reaches of the classical list, Magnificat is not a wholly original piece as it is keeping the original Latin lyrics. Instead, what is of interest is the setting and arrangement that Bach has provided. The text itself is from the Gospel of Luke, making it one of the oldest hymns out there, and it also goes by the name of ‘The Gospel of Mary’.

This version of the Magnificat was Bach’s first foray into this style of religious music and just goes to show the level of his musical genius and just how far religious classical music has changed since the last century. The text may be from the Bible, but the way he has tackled this piece makes it feel brand new and like something that you wouldn’t necessarily discount from being played as part of a wider recital.

It’s one of those pieces of music that shows such variation over the course of the twelve movements that the 25-30 minutes go by in a flash. If this is a sign of the other Bach pieces that I have got in my future, this is going to be a great composer to binge on.

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