Oscar Bait – Ford v Ferrari / Little Women

Title: Ford v Ferrari
Director: James Mangold
Year: 2019
Country: USA

This film was a pleasant surprise to see in the nomination list for Best Picture. Since it didn’t get any other major nominations, this film doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance at the top prize. However, it’s good to see a film like this get a chance because it is quietly subversive. Not the word that you’d exactly expect to see used to describe a film about the Ford motor company’s attempt to win at Le Mans, right? Then again, this doesn’t exactly paint a good picture of the capitalist spirit that Ford embodies.

I am honestly surprised that we didn’t see a nomination for Christian Bale in the Best Supporting Actor category. Then again, as of writing this, I have yet to see The Irishmen so I won’t be able to judge that properly until I see it in a few days. Still though, this story of obsession and man’s love of machines is an excellent watch and has a lot more emotional depth than you’d first expect.

Title: Little Women
Director: Greta Gerwig
Year: 2019
Country: USA

Great Gerwig was robbed. I didn’t agree with the assertions that she deserved a nomination for Lady Bird, but Little Woman is a stunning film with brilliant direction and I can only think that she lost out in a director nomination to Joker’s Todd Phillips because she’s a woman. I guess there is some consolation I her nomination (and I assume her future win) for the brilliant way she adapted this classic novel to the screen in a way to would satisfy a 2019 audience whilst staying true to the novel.

With Awkwafina not getting a nod for The Farewell, I am putting all my emotional weight behind Saorise Ronan getting a well deserved win in the Best Actress category. This is an actress who never turns in a bad performance, but as Jo she’s somehow managed to transcend her career best performance in Brooklyn. I also have high hopes for Florence Pugh – but that might change once I see Marriage Story. What a wonderful film this was.

With over half of the films now watched, this is where my rankings are:

1) Parasite
2) Little Women
3) Ford v Ferrari
4) Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
5) Joker

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