Acclaimed Albums – Entertainment! by Gang of Four

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 189/250Title: Entertainment!
Artist: Gang of Four
Year: 1979
Position: #164

It didn’t take that long between the release of punk rock’s seminal albums and the beginning of post-punk. After all, post-punk is the natural evolution of the punk rock genre seeing how it takes the stripped back nature of punk and begins to infuse it with elements of other genres.

What’s kinda cool about listening to Entertainment! is that it would be to post-punk that Ramones was for punk back just three years earlier. Not only was it really well regarded by critics at the time, but is has become very influential on the other post-punk acts that followed. It’s a bit of a shame therefore, that unlike Unknown Pleasures, another seminal post-punk album released in 1979, Entertainment! just didn’t live up to it’s name for me.

It makes sense that, being one of the first big post-punk albums, Entertainment! would still have a lot of punk rock in its DNA. Not in the Modern Lovers kind of way either, more like something that I have heard done a number of times before and done better. This is just one of those issues of doing a list that requires you to look back at originators – things that sounded fresh back then have the tendency to feel cliched now.

Maybe my next album will make a bigger impact on me. Honestly, I listened to this three times today and I just didn’t come away with it with any real idea of what made this album particularly interesting. Still, looks like I’m slowly getting back on track with the albums list and, hopefully, with the coming bank holiday I’ll get the time to dive further back into the songs list and get further into the 1001 TV show that I picked out the magical bucket.

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