Acclaimed Albums – Hotel California by Eagles

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 188/250Title: Hotel California
Artist: Eagles
Year: 1976
Position: #113

Right, so the idea of my doing an album a week to get to the end of this list by the time it is Christmas 2019 has kinda fallen by the wayside. I mean, it’s been two months since I did the last album and with 33 weeks until the end of the year (and 62 albums), it’s unlikely that I’ll achieve that goal. Possible, but unlikely.

I’ve had a few false starts on the road to listening to Hotel California in the last few months. There were times that I would get stuck on the first track and repeat it a few times before giving up, then there were the times where I thought I had time to listen at work and then had a pile of coding work land on me. Anyway, I finally found the time and the headspace to listen to this… and to be honest it felt pretty average.

There’s no doubt that the title track is brilliant. Or maybe I just find it brilliant because it’s so famous that I’ve heard it a number or times? Nah, it’s just a great song that feels mysterious. I guess that, after listening to ‘Hotel California’, the rest of the album just felt like a bit of a let down. Like they were reaching for something meaningful and they never quite got there.

Sadly this wasn’t the best album to break my long stretch in the desert, but at least it’s one of the more iconic ones.  Also, I’m getting this listen in before the title track turns up as part of the 1001 songs… so there’s also that.

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