Good Eatin’ – Italian Pea Risotto

List Item: Try as many of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die as possibleFood items: Lumignano Peas
Progress: 779/1001

To celebrate both my continuation in the job I love and the first May bank holiday weekend, we went to Borough Market for the first time in months. At this point I’m just happy to get nice food and am no longer really expecting to find list items unless I am extremely lucky.

Well, I guess I’ve never gone in late April-early May because I bought a bag of food list peas and I am so excited to be using them. There was, annoyingly, no price on them so I was a bit conservative on how many I bought – still these were more than enough to make a risotto with them as a major feature.

So this is a pea and chestnut mushroom risotto that I really love to make. Usually I use regular frozen peas that tend to really blend into the background, but these fresh Italian peas demanded that their presence be known. Firstly, look at just how big they are! It’s been a long time since I last saw individual peas that were not only this massive, but also not a single one was wrinkled.

In terms of taste, these are the best peas that I have had. They were fresh, sweet and had just the right amount of bite to them. These actually worked better in the risotto than the regular frozen peas as they provided a nice counter-point to the mushrooms softness and umami taste. I feel I need to buy more of these before they go out of season…


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