Actually Winning At Mini Golf!

Whilst these big lists are fun, there are a number of smaller things on my list to cross off. It helps keep things interesting for me and gives me more reasons to actually get out of the house on the weekend other than “because you need Vitamin D”. So let’s cross one of these mini-items

List Item: Win a game of mini golfStatus: Completed

A few months ago one of my best friends messaged me to say that she was holding her birthday at Swingers, an indoor miniature golf themed bar near Oxford Circus. It has been years since I last went mini-golfing and way too long since I last saw her. So on the calendar it went and now, some three months later, the day has been and gone and I had such a great time.

So myself and the hub were paired up with a couple that we’ve never met before. I swore that I wouldn’t get competitive with strangers as, after all, this is just a bit of fun. Then Hole 6 happened and I realised that I could actually win, so I had to suppress my competitiveness so the other people in the group wouldn’t think I was an utter psycho.

I ended up 7 above par, which I think is pretty respectable when you have years between games of mini-golf. I hope I don’t have to wait so long because even if I hadn’t have won, it would have been a lot of fun.

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