🎻♫♪ – Coppélia by Léo Delibes

List Item: Listen to half of the 1001 Classical Works You Must Hear Before You Die
61/501Title: Coppélia
Composer: Léo Delibes
Nationality: French

I probably mentioned it before when listening to The Nutcrackerbut a flaw of having ballets on this list is that you feel a lot is lost without the visual element. However, since I would rather spend potential theatre money on trips abroad and a lot of these ballets aren’t exactly a regular occurrence, this is how it’s going to be. Plus I can always bring up the synopsis if I get a bit lost in the music.

So glad I was for the synopsis because the plot of Coppélia is absolutely bananas. This is a story of a man falling in love with a life-like doll to the chagrin of his fiance; the b-plot being that the doll’s creator wants a human sacrifice to bring his creation to life. I mean, this is the stuff of beautiful classical music nightmares and I love it.

The music behind Coppélia, however, doesn’t exactly betray the storyline in the same way that The Rite of Spring does. It’s an incredibly competent score with a brilliant opening number but, like in Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, the wedding music at the end drags on a little bit. Also, the music in the second act could have been a lot more frenetic to properly give the idea of a possible blood sacrifice… but maybe I’m asking too much.

As of writing this I’m feeling excited about a future classical piece – tickets to see an opera when I head to Paris in a few weeks. I mean, how much more cultured can you get!?

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