Good Eatin’ – Vinegar from Corinth

List Item: Try as many of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die as possibleFood item: Corinthian Vinegar
Progress: 773/1001

Here we are some 3-4 months after buying this bottle of vinegar in an Athenian speciality store and I have finally cracked it open and put it to some good use. It’s taken this long because of how beautiful the ceramic bottle was and my fear of breaking it. What didn’t help this along was how they chose to cork the bottle, so I have to open a ceramic jug with a corkscrew. Obviously it went well as I’m writing about it, but there was fear.

So apart from sitting here typing and quaffing vinegar from a re-purposed Irish coffee glass (because I’m classy), what did I use this Greek vinegar for? Well obviously I made Greek salad and, might I just say, this is so much better than Modena Balsamic vinegar. There is a wonderful sharp, sweet fruitiness to this that has a remarkably clean finish. Much like the beautiful raspberry vinegar, this is absolutely delicious and I can only imagine how it would taste with cheese or under the influence of the miracle berry.

This particular variety of Corinthian vinegar that I purchased has the additional joy of bergamot extract to lend it an extra fruity hand. Sadly this won’t count as a varietal red wine vinegar because, whilst wine grapes were used to make this vinegar, the process is slightly different. So I’m still on the hunt for a bottle of that.

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