World Cooking – Dominican Republic

List Item: Cook something from every countryCountry: Dominican Republic
Progress: 29/193

So, last time I said that I could choose any country from Oceania, Asia and the Americas. A lot of choice right? That’s why I threw over to the husband and… here we are with the Dominican Republic. Given just how many Caribbean countries there actually are, it was a good idea of his to make a pick from this neck of the woods.

In researching recipes for the Dominican Republic there was one major difficulty – the nearby country of Dominica. I mean the demonyms of the two countries are slightly different, but there are times where Google wasn’t exactly aware of this subtlety.Still, I for there in the end.

With French-speaking Haiti next door, the former Spanish colony of the Dominican Republic has the standard Afro-Caribbean influences in it’s cuisine, but with a bit of a Spanish twist to it… something I will probably end up repeating when I get around to Cuba.

A popular lunch dish in the Dominican Republic is ‘La Bandera’, which literally means ‘The Flag’. The plate for this will consist of white rice, beans in some sort of sauce and a meat (again in some sort of sauce). This may also be served with a simple green salad. With such a wide berth of what I could make for this lunch dish, it was just a matter of finding a suitable meat dish.

Main: La Bandara with Pollo Guisado

There are a lot of different options for this and, had I been more adventurous, I would have made sancocho (which is made using 7 types/cuts of meat). Instead, I went for some pollo guisado made from a recipe by Dominican Cooking. I mean, with a website name like Dominican Cooking, that’s got to be authentic right?

Like with the peri-peri chicken from Mozambique, the early parts of this recipe consisted of me attacking a chicken with some meat shears and my big purple carving knife. The rest was pretty straight forward, if a little bit long. With this dish of Dominican braised chicken I served some long-grain rice and a side helping of mixed beans in a spicy sauce.

It’s a good thing that I liked this, because the recipe made 6 servings and I had more than enough to have seconds when I had it the second time. Like the Gambian peanut soup, this is something that improved on the reheat as the sauce became thicker. Sadly I’d run out of beans for the second round, but that just meant more chicken and sauce (the sauce being the important part, that really took on a lot of flavour from the marinade ingredients and the green peppers).

This might be the first time in the brief history of the world cooking challenge that not only have I planned the next country, but also the one after. So, I guess I’ll see you next time for Cambodia and then not too long after for a trip to the world of Polish cuisine. It’s things like this that really makes the Christmas break such an amazing time – so many list items can be ticked off!

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