Good Eatin’ – Greek Wild Thyme Honey

List Item: Try as many of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die as possibleFood item: Hymettus Honey
Progress: 770/1001

Just over two months ago, I was up Mount Hymettus as part of my recent trip to Greece and at no point did I find somewhere nearby that sold honey. You see, other than the prospect of some amazing views, there was the hope that I would be able to find some honey on that particular day for the sake of this list.

That did not come to pass, but I did find a more niche food store in Athens that – whilst not explicitly called Hymettus Honey – was monofloral, wild thyme-based and locally made. So, I think that’s good enough to cross this off.

In the past I haven’t exactly been enthusiastic about the different honeys on this food list. I found manuka honey to taste a bit too much like menthol, beech honeydew was weirdly smokey and heather honey is just the product of the devil. However, with this honey… I might have actually found one I really enjoy eating.

As honey’s go it isn’t too sweet and it’s fairly runny, which makes it a whole lead easier to spread on bread. There’s an underlying woody and herbal quality from the wild thyme, but it’s not too imposing. In fact, this honey is pleasingly subtle and is likely to be used on some late night snacking over the next few weeks. It only took me nearly five years to find a honey from this list that I actually liked!


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