Acclaimed Albums – Surfer Rosa by Pixies

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 176/250Title: Surfer Rosa
Artist: Pixies
Year: 1988
Position: #100

Right, so the first time I tried to listen to Surfer Rosa I got so distracted by seeing ‘Where Is My Mind’ on the track list that I ended up listening to M.I.A.’s Kala and then switched back to podcasts. On this final Friday before Christmas break, I finally managed to get myself into the mindset where I would be ready for my first exposure to The Pixies. Man, what the hell took me so long.

Surfer Rosa and the wider Pixies discography has been an inspiration to a number of artists that I enjoy, including Radiohead and PJ Harvey. Considering the type of alternative rock on Surfer Rosa it’s become abundantly clear where those links are. The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek (with ‘Tony’s Theme’ just making me laugh at my desk at work) and smart in their own way. The rhythms and sound levels veer off to places you don’t expect, but always remain super melodic and in the realms of alternative rock (and nearly power pop at times). Then there is ‘Where is My Mind?’ and ‘Gigantic’, which are just stellar songs.

I ended up listening to this album a lot of times before I finally put fingers to keyboard. Surfer Rosa is one of those that works for coding, commuting, writing other blog posts and will probably work when I (hopefully) get Smash Bros Ultimate for Christmas and end up playing is ad nauseum.

The great thing is that this is not the only Pixies album on the list – their follow-up Doolittle occupies an even higher place in the rankings. After Surfer Rosa I have some exceedingly high expectations for their next offering. Hopefully I’ll get around to that in less than a year – like the actual release gap – but considering the gap between my listens to the Sly & The Family Stone albums, who the hell knows.

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