Acclaimed Albums – At Fillmore East by The Allman Brothers Band

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 174/250Title: At Fillmore East
Artist: The Allman Brothers Band
Year: 1971
Position: #143

Another post for the acclaimed albums challenge in a week (woo) and it’s another jam album. In my post on Tago Mago by Can, I think I was a bit more charitable about how I feel about albums composed of edited together jam sessions – mainly because there were some really interesting moments on the Can album which are unlike things I’ve really heard on other albums.

Then there is At Fillmore East, a rare example of a live album on this list, which is made up of live jam sessions over the course of three nights. All tracks, bar the instruments ‘Hot ‘Lanta’ are either covers or with originals that can be heard of prior albums by The Allman Brothers Band and have running times ranging from 4 to 23 minutes. Now, for the most part, I hard it find to justify songs that last longer than 10 minutes (obviously there are exceptions) which made the closing 23 minute track a bit of a tedious listen.

This is my main issue with this album. Whilst I get that there is a lot of talent on display here, and some parts of the jam are enjoyable, this is not the sort of album that is really made for me. Also, on a another point, it must be frustrating to have your most acclaimed album being an edited jam session rather than one of material written specifically for an album, right?

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