(✿◠‿◠) Anime!!! – Gintama.: Porori-hen

List Item:  Watch the 100 best anime TV series
Progress: 48/100Title: Gintama.: Porori-hen
Episodes Aired: 13
Year(s): 2017

The point of the Gintama.: Porori-hen season was to adapt the remaining comedic arcs of Gintama before it bows out with the final Silver Soul arc. As such, these episodes are pretty much a random collection of mini arcs that, in the true spirit of Gintama veer between utterly brilliant and utterly baffling.

Compared to the previous season you would be forgiven for thinking that these were completely different shows. The start of the first episodes of this so-called ‘Slip Arc’ sets the tone and is something that I would not have enjoyed anywhere near as much if I hadn’t been able to get all the references (which I now get thanks to doing this list).

The arcs themselves are mostly comedic (including an Attack on Titan reference filled arc involving Kagura’s new giant boyfriend), but some still contain a lot of heart. One set  of episodes centred around a recurring ramen-shop owning character trying to find a homeless customer is both touching and, at times, stupidly funny.

Since we move between a lot of different stories and arcs (seemingly at random) the quality isn’t as consistent as you’d hope. Then again, this arc is the equivalent of a video completionist fast-travelling to every location to find all the hidden chests in order to 100% a game – ultimately satisfying but, every now and then, a little bit frustrating.

As of writing this, the final seasons of Gintama are both on the list. However, since they cover the same arc (separated by a brief hiatus), I will be watching and writing about both of them in one go. Despite it’s faults, Gintama is a show that I have become incredibly fond of over the years and it’s going to be sad to see it leave the screens. Guess I’ll have to find a way to convince that husband of mine to do a re-watch of it with me at some point.

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