(✿◠‿◠) Anime!!! – Gintama.

List Item:  Watch the 100 best anime TV series
Progress: 47/100Title: Gintama.
Episodes Aired: 12
Year(s): 2017

Okay so my attempt to watch the rest of Hajime no Ippo ended up with a big fat yawn and a whole bunch of hours wasted – at least for me they were. Since I’m currently trying to finish off series that I’m part way through, I thought it was high time that I went back to an old favourite: Gintama. 

It has been a year since I watched the previous season and I had forgotten just how serious this show had become. True they still take part in stupid word games, make crude puns and have an entire line of jokes around an overweight lookalike of Gintoki – but there are some pretty big moments in this.

In the previous season years of serialisation had started to pay off in a big way, which continues with these 12 episodes (and will continue to do so in the final 2-part season that finished airing in 2018. We learn more about Gintoki and Kagura’s past and end on a cliffhanger which spells the end of the Earth… or at least for now.

Since 12 episodes really isn’t enough I am going to move straight to the next season… which is composed of all the comedy arcs that were skipped in order to tell the more serious story-lines back-to-back. It’ll be great to see Gintama returning to their irreverent roots, even if it’s going to be a bit of a tonal whiplash.

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