(✿◠‿◠) Anime!!! – Attack on Titan

List Item:  Watch the 100 best anime TV series
Progress: 44/100Title: Attack on Titan
Episodes Aired: 25
Year(s): 2013

I waited as long as I could between reading the manga and starting on the anime. And then Season 3 was due to start. I mean, how could I resist this? The manga was awesome and I really wanted to see how graphic the anime could get. Turns out, just about enough.

When reading the manga I made the decision to stop at around chapter 50 so that I would be able to experience the story for the first time through the eventual anime adaptation. It also helps that 3-4 months have passed since I originally read the manga, which means I have forgotten all the twists and turns.

To be honest, this anime was better than I expected. Sure, Japanese censorship means that a lot of the more graphic images were covered in shadow… however this was probably for the best. I mean the titans are are creepy enough and the idea of innocent people having their head chewed on is grotesque. So I think that this hits a happy medium.

One downside of the anime over the manga is that it helped me to realize how, at times, Eren is actually quite annoying. Wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t the central character of the series. Luckily the adaptation gets pretty much all of the other characters spot on (especially Sasha, who remains adorable in all of her food scavenging weirdness).

I’m also really appreciative of the music and the sound design in the series. At times they can go a bit cavalier with the heroic stings, but usually get the balance right between rousing and off-putting.

Now, usually I don’t watch too many series of a show in a row, but I really feel the urge to keep doing so I can start watching season 3 of Attack on Titan as it airs. So… I guess I’ll be crossing off the second season of Attack on Titan pretty damned soon.

There was a while between watching Great Teacher Onizuka and this first season of Attack on Titan because I felt the urge to completely consume the anime for Nodame CantabileIt’s a real shame that this fell of the list as it really did scratch my urge for some funny relationship anime.

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