Acclaimed Albums – The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 164/250Title: The Dark Side of the Moon
Artist: Pink Floyd
Year: 1972
Position: #19

Last week I made a bit of a snarky comment about how I needed to listen to Pink Floyd’s discography before opening the list up to include more female led acts. In the week since I got to thinking that I have been putting off listening to The Dark Side of the Moon for a long time.

Pop culture (especially stoner culture) really grabbed The Dark Side of the Moon by the balls. The stark and beautiful artwork appears on t-shirts around the world and everyone knows a theory about what film this syncs up with, or the messages that are supposedly encoded in the songs when listened to backwards. All this put me off listening to this, as did this being a male-led album from the early days of prog rock and my constant mixing up of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin (my thoughts on Piper At The Gates of Dawn didn’t help either).

As I write this I am a few listens in and I still remain fascinated by what I am listening to. Somehow it feels like my recently finishing reading The Golden Notebook is helping with my appreciation of this. I mean, people have written whole books about this album and it’s easy to see how stoner culture found an album to latch onto.

I’m still not sure what to say, to be honest. It’s incredibly trippy in places thanks to the use of, then advanced, electronic instruments. Thematically the album tackles a lot of heavy and fragmented topics, but it is able to bring it together into two unified record sides. I think I prefer the first side to the second one, but that’s probably because I loved the instrumentals and the abstract vocals on ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’.

Never heard anything like it and I want to keep listening to it. That’s the mark of a truly great album.

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