Good Eatin’ – Seagull Eggs

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die
Progress: 735/751Food item: Gull Eggs

This marks the final bird egg on the food list and it’s one that I’ve spent the last year waiting for. Man, I thought the goose egg was a hunt – but these gull eggs took a lot of patience. You see, in the UK at least, the season for gull eggs only lasts for a few weeks in May and even then these eggs are in such short supply that waiting a few hours can be the difference between gourmet goods and a handful of nothing.

For two years in a row I missed out on gull eggs and, as you can tell from the picture, I did not make the same mistake this year. The moment my calendar read April 28th I was checking this web page to see if they were in stock, then bought two as soon as I was able to.

From the outside they remind of slightly larger pheasant eggs, but on the inside these are the richest and most orange yolked eggs that I have ever encountered. The smell as they cooked was somewhat salty (as you might expect for the eggs of a seabird), but there was no trace of it when you started eating it.

The white of the egg was unremarkable and tasted like any other egg, but that yolk. Oh that yolk was so delicious. I guess that, with seagulls being seabirds, the chicks need to start out with a good deal of fat stores to deal with being on a cliff side and so that’s why these eggs are so rich. I might be completely talking trash here, but I’m not sure why else these yolks would be so rich and delicious.

Honestly, if price and timing were no object, I would trade in chicken eggs for gull eggs as my ova of choice. I guess it’s probably worth my trying out duck eggs at some point to see if I can find a happy medium.


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