Graphic Content – The Marsupilami Robbers

List Item:  Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
46/501Title: The Marsupilami Robbers
Creator: Franquin
Years: 1954
Country: Franco-Belgian

Another short comic today, but at least this one doesn’t feature dripping genitals. Instead it is an exploration of my childhood as I read one of the comics where lovable weird creature Marsupilami made his first appearance.

The Marsupilami Robbers is part of the longer running Spirou and Fantasio series, something that I had never heard of until this list. I’m guessing this is a more famous series on the continent considering just how long it’s been running. Still, interesting to note how Marsupilami has become such an international success – which included his on Disney animated show and a hit song in the Netherlands (that I cannot get out of my head, thanks again husband of mine).

Honestly, this comic felt a little inconsequential but I guess it makes sense to give major series their own entries. The protagonists were just such goody goodies that it was pretty hard to find joy in a lot of their hi-jinks (until they got into a punch-up with some border guards… that was weird). Apart from Marsupilami the only characters with any real charisma was their little squirrel friend and some sort of lizard that escaped from the zoo.

In any case, I’m going to be sticking with comics for a little longer, it’ll be another short one next and then I’ll (finally) make a start on one of the big superhero series. Not sure whether to go Marvel or DC with this… but I guess I’ll just see when I get there.


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