Good Eatin’ – Maroilles from Champagne + Fromage

One of the many benefits of a new job (aside from enjoying the new job and my new colleagues immensely) is new surroundings. Being London, this means a new batch of shops and restaurants that I now have easy access to.

Thanks to Champagne + Fromage, a cheese shop near Covent Garden, I have been able to procure the penultimate French cheese from the food list…. now I just need to find some Brocciu to complete the set.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die
Progress: 731/751Food item: Maroilles

Here’s the thing with Maroilles, it has a strong smell. This isn’t exactly news, but it did make things interesting in the office. Since Champagne + Fromage also do amazing filled baguettes I thought it would be a good idea to buy the Maroilles at the same time as my lunch. Little did I realise that, as the afternoon progressed, the smell would begin to spread around the pod… and so quickly too.

The smell persisted on the train home and stunk out the fridge before I had a chance to eat it. And yet despite the lingering smell it wasn’t that strong a cheese. Sure it had a strong taste, but this also came with a springy and creamy texture… which isn’t what you tend to find with stronger cheeses. Also, this didn’t have the bitter aftertaste that you tend to get from aged cheeses.

If I had to liken it to a past cheese from the list it would be either taleggio or reblochon. Considering the taste and the decent price, maroilles is a cheese that I could see myself buying for future use. I’ll just need to bring some sort of tuppaware in order to counteract the far reaching odour.


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