Good Eatin’ – Pumpkin Ravioli and Microgreens

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die
Progress: 720/751Food item: Amaranth, Sorrel and Tortelli Di Zucca

Happy, belated, Good Friday! I cannot overstate how happy I am that the extended weekend has arrived and, to celebrate, I took a trip to my favourite place in London: Borough Market. Including today’s post, I have found 92 different items from the 1001 food list at this market, and I am sure that this will become an even 100 well before I reach 800 food items eaten in total.

Today’s selection makes use of some fresh spring produce… and me fully realising what tortelli di zucca actually is, so I was able to make use of a fresh pasta seller! Tortelli di zucca is essentially a pumpkin ravioli so that’s what I got!

I really liked the contrast in colours that I got with this selection of food. The sheen that it got with a light drizzle of Cretan olive oil was also rather pleasing. I just wish I had better lighting in my kitchen so my pictures didn’t always look so amateurish. Oh well.

Whilst an amaranth and sorrel salad probably isn’t a normal combination, I think that it worked really well. The amaranth gave the salad a nice earthiness that is somewhere between beetroot and spinach; it also gave this salad a beautiful splash of my favourite colour.

The earthiness of the amaranth is counter-balanced, weirdly, by the sourness of the sorrel. I definitely did not expect for this salad lead to be sour, well the stems were sour… there wasn’t too much flavour in the leaves themselves when compared to the sour stems.

Of course, the highlight of the plate was the pumpkin ravioli (aka tortelli di zucca). I get that this is something traditionally eaten in the winter, when pumpkin is properly in season, but I was loving the sweetness of the pureed pumpkin mixed with the fresh creaminess of the ricotta. It probably could have done with some more nutmeg being added, but this is small potatoes. This was truly delicious.


1 thought on “Good Eatin’ – Pumpkin Ravioli and Microgreens

  1. One of my favs. This is a pretty standard dish eaten in the US. We go little pumpkin nuts. If you are interested in a perfect combo for this dish, take your pumpkin ravioli, with browned butter and crisped sage. They complement each other so well, and it just screams fall and sweaters.

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